About us

Our challenge is to intercept the needs of the present and transform critical issues into turning points: this is why we are one of the first companies on the Italian market to present green web proposals accessible to everyone! With well-established skills, we build a sustainable, inclusive, fair and community future day after day.

RawMaterial is an innovative and emerging company at the forefront of sustainable web solutions and environmental consulting services.

Our key strengths

Environmental sustainability

Estimates from before the Sars-Covid 19 health emergency showed that if the Internet were a country, it would be in the top ten most polluting countries in terms of CO2 emissions.

Today, presumably the environmental impact of this technology has further increased due to the increased use of the Internet caused by the technological reorganisation of the world of work.

Therefore, we aim to develop our web services according to the best available environmental standards, doing a constant work of updating and research in order to make our products more and more Green and in line with our technologies.

Company policy

RawMaterial wants to pursue the concept of a participative and inclusive company where diversity is an added value and where the environment is stimulating and dynamic.

With an eye on the future, we want to be in line with northern European companies, where working hours are 30 hours per week for the same salary.

Furthermore, our company is committed to promoting the under-30s through induction and training courses.


Your security is of fundamental importance to us! Our products use the most secure state-of-the-art technologies and our solutions exclude the possibility of leaks affecting your privacy.

Social sustainability

Through our work and our corporate management, we are committed to actions aimed at achieving social equity.

First and foremost, we support projects that are consistent with our values, building networks and creating solid realities within the national and international territory.

We believe that there are many ways to have a positive impact on our society: this is why 5% of the proceeds will be donated to charity.


We want to nurture change, we want to be change.

From our company policy, our aim is to be an innovation incubator, offering our experience and expertise at the service of the community.

We want to contribute to revolutionising the way we think about the Green Web by putting our hands into research and development projects.

We aim to be a bridge between different realities and demonstrate how different worlds can dialogue and build together.

Finally, with our company policy, inspired by the principles of economic democracy, we want to offer a new model of work, which sees equal relations and the protection of workers as an essential element of wealth.