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Around the world, we are increasing awareness of the impact that carbon emissions have on our environment.

Global warming and climate change are not slowing down, so we need to change our behaviour on a large scale.

Fossil fuels are still the primary source of energy, and renewable sources are not sufficient for the entire supply chain.

So we, as key players in our industry and innovators, have a goal to change our industry, and we are responsible for the way it is built.

Have you ever thought about web emissions?

  1. A Google search uses the energy needed to power a light bulb for several seconds.
  2. If it were a country, the internet would be 6th in electricity use.
  3. Less than 3% of websites ran on renewable energy in 2020

We are committed to developing our web services according to the best available environmental standards, constantly updating and researching in order to make our products ever greener.

"The vegan developer's oath"

Sustainable Web Manifesto

Goals and principles for a sustainable web: for the environment and for people. An open, fair and inclusive web.

The web is by all and for all. The web is what connects the world, so how could it not be sustainable?

Web development consulting





We specialise in front-end development and Plone solutions.

Our consultancy is based on a review of technologies and the application of best practices to make the best use of them while optimising the use of resources.

Plone CMS

The world's most secure content management system, with a user-friendly interface and a growing open-source community.

It is our reference technology for websites, portals and intranets.

Open Source

We believe in open source as a form of sharing, networking between companies and training between developers.

With open source, developers from all over the world collaborate on shared projects.

Everything we can share with the community is visible and reusable on GitHub.

Privacy and security

Your security is of paramount importance to us! Our products use the most secure state-of-the-art technologies and our solutions exclude the possibility of leaks relating to user privacy.

The web is made for sharing information and users need to access it without being tracked.

We use technologies that make privacy a primary concern, such as Plausible and HCaptcha.

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